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News: Your Chic Boutique Opens

Launched by Dub Box director and co-founder, Becky Clay, the Your Chic Boutique website has been developed to bring together pretty, yet functional travelling accessories, with thought given especially to caravanners, campers and those who have to consider weight, size, and practicality. Packed with cool caravanning and camping accessories, the shop offers beautiful but practical pieces to brighten people's caravan or camp. 

Commenting on the launch, Becky said: “I am lucky enough to have a very talented husband Matt who is the founder of Dub box Limited, gorgeous, handmade retro caravans, we also have 3 scrumptious girls.

“As a family we love nothing more than camping, trundling along the Great British country side in our campervan (called Ben) and our Dub box (Jade) and setting up camp near a beach and enjoying spending time with each other without life getting in the way.

“I adore everything about camping; even the chores that follow us on holiday seem different, more fun, shared between the family. I love cooking in one pot over the camp fire or stove and serving it in delightfully coloured bowls. Relaxing back in my deckchair even washing up in a collapsible bowl with my pink scrubbing brush seems decadent. But collecting my camping accessories took far too much time than it needed to, and it seemed with some traditional caravanning accessories, style came a poor second to utility, but I believe both are important to modern caravanners and campers.”

The new website can be visited by clicking this link: www.yourchicboutique.com