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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have a Dub Box in any colour I want? 

Yes, simply choose your favourite colour, or give us two paint codes and we’ll do the rest.

Is Dub Box so lightweight that it does not need an additional license?

As Dub Box has a maximum laden weight of 750kg, even if you got your license after 1997, you will not need to take an additional test.

Can I tow Dub Box with a small car?

Not to go on about it, but being lightweight does solve a lot of problems, anything from a from a Clio to a Camper should be able to tow Dub Box. If in doubt check your vehicle manufacturers' handbook.

Will Dub Box fit into a standard size garage?

If necessary the A-frame can be adjusted to reduce the length.

Is Dub Box easy to hitch and unhitch?

With an unladen nose weight of 37kg, maneuvering Dub Box isn’t a problem.

Does Dub Box come with a manufacturer's guarantee?

A two-year manufacturer's guarantee comes as standard.

Is the glass-fibre body leak proof?

Yes, we are so confident of that, we have given it a ten-year body shell guarantee.

Is Dub Box insulated?

The floor has the deepest insulation of any UK caravan manufacturer and the ceiling insulation was initially designed by NASA!

Does Dub Box have 240-volt hook-up as well as 12-volt power supply?

Dub Box is set up for mains hook-up as well as having a leisure battery that will happily run the lights and CD player for a few days.

Is Dub Box the coolest two-berth caravan?

Yes, we think so!


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