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Dub Box Featured on BBC's The Apprentice

The team at Dub Box is celebrating, following its retro-campervan caravan having being heavily featured in the seventh episode of the popular BBC One television show, The Apprentice. One of the two competing teams of candidates all vying for the chance to win a business investment from Lord Sugar, had chosen the company’s Dub Box retro caravan as an item to sell at the Motorhome and Caravan Show held at the NEC.

Although the team ultimately failed its challenge, the Herefordshire business has already been inundated with enquiries and is building on what has become a real success story for British design and manufacturing.

Dub Box was the brainchild of Volkswagen campervan fanatics Matt and Becky – whose beloved 40-year-old campervan was no longer large enough to cope with their rapidly growing young family.

After searching for a vintage caravan that not only had the ‘cool’ design of a campervan but also conform to all modern safety standards, it quickly became apparent that there was nothing available on the market. Already in the business of building luxury event trailers, there was a spark of an idea and drawing inspiration from retro campervans and vintage American caravans – something which Matt believes that are two of the coolest things on the planet - the Dub Box concept was born.

Having completed the initial design in late 2009, a fibreglass mould was created and the first two-berth Dub Box was unveiled in the spring of 2010. At the same time, the couple’s once-thriving luxury event trailers business was feeling the ever-greater effects of the financial downturn and eventually succumbed to the pressure. This turn of events, coupled with a growing interest in the prototype Dub Box, led to the couple ploughing all of their remaining resources into developing the new business. They took on new workshop space in October 2011 and Becky made the bold decision to end her career as a mental health nurse. Becky commented: “It was a scary time, putting all of our faith in an idea that had not yet proven itself with sales, but we felt that, with the level interest from the relatively small amount of people we had shown the Dub box to, the sales would come.”

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“We knew that we had the skills and capabilities required to manufacture the caravans, so it really did come down to the strength of our sales and marketing efforts. We took the Dub Box off to all of the shows and exhibitions and interest has steadily grown.”

Some 18 months later and a steady stream of the retro caravans are leaving the company’s headquarters in Cradley, Herefordshire. Matt added: “We designed our caravan range around customer choice - offering something unique and bespoke with a wow-factor, so people can feel part of the design process instead to being told what they can or can’t have. We effectively start with a blank canvas as each Dub Box is made to order – so the new owner can choose items such as the colour, upholstery, flooring, blinds, etc.

“At times, there’s been a stigma attached to owning a caravan and many people – including the some of the contestants on the Apprentice – wrongly assume that they are for ‘older people’. We are making caravans appeal to all ages – so helping to wave goodbye to boring white boxes on wheels and inject some fun into the whole caravanning ethos!

“We are really pleased by the way in which our business has grown in such a short space of time – an appearance on The Apprentice is just the icing on the cake and has really stimulated interest in our caravans. We’ve also recently supplied a Dub Box to be used in a music video that will be released shortly.”

Matt Clay (left) with candidates from The Apprentice

“Whilst many British manufacturers are still reeling from the effects of the double-dip recession, I’m pleased to say that our order book is growing and it has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Indeed, the business looks set to play its part in the UK’s demand for export sales – with distributors soon to be announced in mainland Europe and licenced-production already underway in Australia and the United States.

Its flexible approach has led to Dub Box growing its range organically to meet applications other than camping – such as food carts, coffee and ice-cream outlets and even a mobile DJ trailer with folding-down sides and whole roof sections that lift up.

“This is my dream job” Matt enthused, “I get to build Dub Box trailers, work with my wife and spend much more time with my family whilst exhibiting our trailers - it couldn’t be more perfect,”

“The last few years have been a rollercoaster ride; it has taken a lot of hard work, motivation and determination to make our company a success. We are very thankful for all the support we have had along the way and would advise anyone who is setting up their own business, to persevere, work hard and to keep the faith in yourself and in your product”.


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