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The New Dub Club - the man reinventing the VW camper

Big thanks to Herefordshire Live for featuring Dub Box in the following article.
Since The Only Way Is Essex featured a ‘glamping’ episode, camping has arguably become as much the preserve of the hen party as it has the boy scout.

This is a brave new world. And one where sleeping out in the Great Yonder no longer means waking up without a freshly-brewed espresso.

The rise of this industry over the last three or four years has been matched by a second trend in al fresco living: the street food truck.

From music festivals to urban high streets these mobile kitchens keep the nation caffeinated and dirty-fingered. That old adage about never being more than 10-feet from a rat in London? It’s now true of food trucks selling pulled pork.

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And yet in amongst this new wave of 21st Century caravanning is a company that stands out as much for its discerning aesthetics, as a timeless feel that echoes an era that came before glamping, before Dub Box’s own inception six years ago, and before The Apprentice’s power-dressing airheads hawked it to a TV audience of 10 million.

We went to meet the man who makes campers and food trucks for the world from his rural Herefordshire workshop.

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