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Queen of the Campsite

The Camping and Caravanning Club winner for the Best Set Up 2019 is awarded to (drum roll please......) Violet- The Dub Box Shortie- whoop whoop!!

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Camping and Caravanning Club Winner 2019

Nicky and Andy came to see us in 2013, they wanted a Shortie, it had to be purple and then Violet was created. This is Violet's story and how she has been crowned the Queen of the Campsite!

 Violet has had a busy life...by the end of 2018 aged 4.5 years, she had covered around 8,500 miles. As well as touring locally in Shropshire and the surrounding counties, she has been to the battlefields of northern France; Pembrokeshire, Harlech and Bala in Wales; the western coast of Scotland including Oban and much of Argyll, the Outer Hebrides (from Stornoway to Barra), travelled to the Black Forest and visited the Upper Rhine valley on several occasions.  Wherever she goes, she gets a lot of attention!

Motorway driving is interesting, as lots of people slow down to pass, have a good look, take photos (yes, honestly!) and wave or give us the thumbs up!  The funniest occasion was on the Autobahn in Germany where a guy in a Ferrari shot past us, slowed down to come back alongside and gave us a big grin and a thumbs up.  

On campsites she gets a mixture of covert glances and overt ogling, with people often coming along to check out whether we have in fact cannibalised a VW T1 (something which was first suggested to us with horror by a German fellow camper!).  We are quick to reassure everyone she is in fact a Dub Box Shortie and made to our (my) own very particular purple specification.  She has her photo taken a lot and we always appreciate it when someone asks if they can take photos.  We get told often how lovely she is but I think my favourite was a lovely family we met two or three times on our Hebridean trip; they called us “Violet’s Mum and Dad” which tickled us no end.

At the Camping and Caravanning Club site at Bala the staff have a special pitch they like to give us if it is free, since it is too small for a standard van but is a lovely position. At the site on the Rhine we also get a small pitch with a perfect view over the river valley where we can sit with a glass of wine and watch the barges wend their way up and down the river.

This year we will be going to the Lake District in June and in August we are heading to the German Baltic coast, as well as other short weekend trips.

Some things take a bit more planning though, with a van as small as Violet.  Learning to manage just in the van without an awning was forced on us when a series of gales left us with broken tent poles on the Outer Hebrides. Violet however didn’t bat an eyelid at the 60 mph winds.  And she is warm and snug in the winter as well.  Over the years have gone from packing everything you can think of to knowing just what we need for a trip away.  We have an awning tent which provides us with extra living space and somewhere to sit outside when the weather is wet, but our preference is to just put up the little canopy, decorate it with bunting and fairy lights, and then sit and enjoy the view!

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Shortie Dub Box